S. Gopal: My Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra- August 11, 2013 to August 24, 2013

S. Gopal, a participant in the Puthur Shiva Temple's Nama Japam Group and a contributor to Arunachala Girivalam, got the call to visit Kailash-Mansarovar recently.

He and his wife, S. Rama, had many amazing experiences that brought them very close to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

It is with great love and devotion and of course, immense gratitude that we are offering his travalogue to Lord Siva. Enjoy

Prologue :

One day my wife Rama and I were discussing about all the natural and breathtaking places in the world we could visit for a peaceful and soul filling experience. Both of us have a lot of respect for nature and have trekked to some of the most beautiful places in the world but something was always missing. It is only when we started going on pilgrimage  that we realized what it was.

It was the end of April 2013 when we decided that this was going to be the year we visit Kailash - Mansarovar. So we started our efforts in earnest right then. We contacted a couple of travel agents and based on feedback we got from friends, we decided on Samrat Tours and Travels based in Salem in Tamil Nadu, India.

We paid our advance money in the first week of May 2013 and finalized the Yatra. From that time onwards, every Monday we would visit a Shiva temple in and around Bangalore and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva to fulfill our wish to complete our Yatra without any problems. It is said that we can visit Kailash-Mansarovar only if we have the blessings of Lord Shiva. I don’t know about our case. But Lord Shiva was more than helpful. Infact, he literally carried us on his back and ensured that we completed out yatra without any hitch Thank you my Lord for all your blessings. Keep us eternally at your feet. Please guide us and forgive us for our sins. At the end of this life's journey, please absorb us into you. Om Namah Shivaya.

Travel Log Day 1

Today is Sunday, the 11th day of August 2013. The day our Yatra to Holy Kailash Mansarovar begins. Dear Shiva, kindly lead our way. We got up around 4 a.m in the morning. Had our bath and did our pooja and got ready to leave for the airport. After getting the blessing of my father-in-law and mother-in-law we left for the airport and arrived at around 6.15 a.m at the new terminal of Chennai international airport. Our flight was at at 8.30 a.m. we could have come a little later but the travel agent insisted that we arrive atleast 3 hours before our flight even though it was not required.

We met Mr. Srinivasan, the owner of Samrat Travels, at the airport and collected our passports. We checked in and also collected our food coupons for breakfast on the flight. We travelled by Jet Airways and could do a through checking of our luggage up to Kathmandu. We came to know now that our group comprised about 40 people. I went around looking for our group members and introduced myself and had small talk The flight was slightly delayed and we departed at about 9.30 a.m and landed at New Delhi T3 at about 12 noon. Immediately we rushed to the international departure section and filled in the immigration forms and got through immigration and customs and waited for the departure announcement. We eventually left New Delhi at about 1.30 p.m and landed at Kathmandu at about 4 p.m.

On arrival at Kathmandu, we were waved through immigration without even checking our passports and we collected our luggage. Two buses were arranged from the airport to the Hotel and we all arrived at the hotel at about 5.30 p.m. We were given individual rooms at Hotel Manasulu, a pretty decent hotel with good ambience. We were asked to meet at the dining hall at about 7 p.m for a briefing. I feel briefing details need not be given here because my experience is a better information for all. I hope to do full justice to my experience explanation. Thus ended our first day after dinner.

Travel Log Day 2 (August 12, 2013)

Today is a relaxed day. We had leisurely wake-up and after breakfast had a small photo session with our group. Then we started in a bus for local sightseeing. First we visited a monastery and climbed a good amount of steps and had a panoramic view of Kathmandu city. Nothing much to write here but a small exercise in jelling with the group.

After that we visited a temple wherein we saw reclining Vishnu in the middle of a pond. Nice and happy viewing. We had lunch and took a break for about 2 hours back in our hotel.

Afternoon there was a slight rain and we embarked on visit to the famous Pashupathi Nath temple. Today being the last Monday of Shravan month for Nepalese, there was a huge crowd. We got hold of a pandit and did sankalpa and gave Brahman Dhanam. He arranged for a quick darshan and we could see lord Pashupathi in full glory. Here one has to note that Lord Shiva in Pashupathi form represents the Body. Head part is found in Kedarnath in India.

Thereafter we embarked on a shopping spree. There are any number of shops in around the temple, each claiming to sell the original rudraksha. May be true because Kathmandu is a place where rudraksha is found in plenty. We visited Aggarwal traders because our agent assured us that they sell the authentic rudraksha and sphatika malas and we did quite a lot of purchase. Off course one has to bargain to extent of up to 30%. Please note this if you do shopping in any shops here. Thus ended our 2nd day after dinner and early retiring to bed. Tomorrow starts our Yatra from Katmandu. Om Namah Shivaya

Travel Log Day 3 (August 13, 2013)

Today we are up by 4 a.m in the morning. After a nice hot shower and hot cup of coffee we are ready to begin our yatra. One next shower ( ? ) wait till you read day 8 or 9 (!!!!). We were offered packed breakfast and off we go. 

It takes nearly 5 hours to reach the Kodari Border crossing check point from Kathmandu. Here I have to mention the miserable state of roads in Kathmandu. It will take at least one hour to cross 10 kms. The roads are pathetic and the chaotic traffic adds to the confusion. But at least the drivers here have the sense to refrain from honking which is a welcome relief for people form India who are used to continuous blaring of horns.

After about 2 hours drive we stopped at a road side restaurant and had our packed breakfast the hotel provided us. Tea and off we go again towards the border. At about 11.30 a.m we almost reached the border point. We took a break for lunch and by about 1 p.m reached the friend-ship bridge which divided Nepal and China. Our agent took our passports and got the exit stamp from the Nepal side. Thereafter we all stood in a line for immigration entry to China. Since we were holding a group Visa, no individual stamping was done on the passports.

By 3 p.m the entire group crossed over to China side.

We were divided into two groups and we occupied two buses. Now our bus is fixed for the entire tour and you cannot change the bus. The driver of the bus will not allow extra passenger into his bus. Kathmandu is about 4,600 feet above MSL and so far so good.

Our next stop is Nylam which is about 12,300 ft about MSL. On the way, we had Chinese military and police checking us and the bus thoroughly. In roughly three hours, winding through some breathtaking waterfalls and roads and valleys and mountains, we reached our first point Nyalam. Now you have Chinese time tuned into Beijing time which is roughly 2.30 hours ahead of India. So you have sunlight till about 9 p.m !! Weather was not very cold but for people from the southern part of Tamil Nadu it was difficult. The night temperatures were around around 2 degrees celcius and day time around 8 to 10 degrees celsius. The temperature was constant throughout the yatra. What will make you feel cold is the wind due to vast open areas. One has to fully protected at all times otherwise it can lead to complications. But it depends on the month you go. We went in August.

We were allotted a beautiful cottage which can accommodate up to 4 people which adequate rugs, pillows and beds etc. In fact, it was extremely comfortable bed. We had a good hot soup at about 8 p.m china time and dinner at about 9 p.m. Please note hence forth all time will be Chinese. After dinner we had a small bhajan session and retired for the night.


1) Nyalam is high altitude point. Being the first day, you may get head ache, vomiting, loose motion etc. Please do not sit in your room. Walk around in the town and get acclimatized.

2) Your agent may suggest taking DIAMOX tablet for relief. Please do not take it. Let your body get acclimatized naturally. If you take Diamox Tab you make have to drink plenty of water or this tablet will drain out the water from your body. This is a double edge sword so be selective.

3) You can buy a china mobile sim card for 100 Yuan’s. From this you can send 100 sms free to any part of the world. Incoming calls are free on this sim. You can give your number and take incoming calls for free. Please note you CANNOT give missed calls !!!

4) You can buy adjustable walking/trekking stick for about 15 Yuan’s here. Do you take from India or other places. In India it costs about Rs 1,000. And for your info 1 Yuan is about Rs.10/- So you can buy a stick for Rs.150 whereas you will spend about Rs.1,000 in India apart from carrying it all the way.

5) If need be you can buy 1 kg oxygen cylinder for 10 Yuan’s.

6) You can buy all sorts of woolen things like gloves, socks, jackets, shoes at literally throw away prices. So you can decide what you want to carry and what you would like to buy in Nylam.

7) Your agent will give you a good Jacket which though not water proof is good protection for cold. So try to limit your heavy woolens

8) Carry a good pair of rain coats preferably pant/shirt type so that you can walk easily if it rains.

9) Do NOT carry gift items to distribute to poor people. You will NOT find any. If you carry you have to force people to accept your gift. There is a myth that you will find poor Tibetans begging you. This is totally false. Please don’t fall for it. But we fell for it that is why this advise

10) Please carry simple dry fruits like raisins, sugar candy etc., Don’t carry heavy dry fruits like badam, pista, cashew etc. You simply CANNOT eat it. It is a waste of good money. You will advised to carry lot of these things, but believe me they are useless.


Travel Log Day 4 (August 14, 2013)

Today is an extremely relaxed day. Today’s notes is important from a different angle. So take care to read it carefully and understand the implications. Today we stayed back in Nylam for Acclimatization. At 6 a.m we had wakeup call and each of us was provided one mug of hot water. We brushed our teeth and had black tea with lots of ginger in it. 

After a leisurely breakfast comprising of corn flakes, bread and jam/butter, rice kanji we set out to acclimatize. As you walk on this day you will find your feet heavy and breathing labored. Don’t give up. This is not a 100 mtr race. Walk leisurely at your comfort level. We walked nearly two kms and climbed a small hillock. Took rest and again started walking for some more time. After spending about 2 hrs like this we came back to our room and took rest. After lunch we had a nap for about 1 hour. Again we went out for about one hour walk and came back for tea. After tea we went to the town to do some shopping. We bought some fruits. But language will be a big barrier and all are in either Chinese or Tibetan language. But you can manage with sign language. Not a big handicap. We had a hot cup of soup and thereafter dinner and to bed.

Notes :

1) Carry lots of tissue paper and wet wipes

2) Carry extra hand sanitizers

3) Carry a good torch with extra batteries

4) Don’t worry about charging your camera batteries. You have charge points

5) For about 200 people accommodation you will have max 2/ 3 toilets. And no Bathrooms

6) Toilets will be literally unusable. So be prepared to use nature for Nature calls!!!

7) Carry extra shoes in case it gets wet in the rains

8) Carry high heeled slippers if possible to use in the toilets wherever usable.

9) Never Never use water after using toilets. Since water will be very cold it can rupture the rectum which is very dangerous. So even if you don’t like or comfortable you have no other option but to use tissue papers / wet wipes. Don’t take this lightly.


Travel Log Day 5 (August 15, 2013)

After a relaxing day yesterday, we get up early to be prepared for a long ride. We had breakfast of bread and jam, porridge and corn flakes At about 8 a.m we got into our assigned buses and off we went. Today is India’s Independence Day and we wished each other a very happy independence day.

We started from Nylam and our next stop is going to be old Kumpa. Normally people stop over at Saga but our travel agent felt even though old Kumpa will be little further from Saga, it is better since the next day our stop will be at Mansorvar Lake side and if we stay at Old Kumpa we can have a relaxed start the next day otherwise we may have to start very early and have a longer trip. But in my opinion the stopover at Saga would have been better since you had better hotel facilities.

Old Kumpa is at an altitude of 14750 ft and roughly about 400 kms from Nylam. The road is excellent and one can expect a very smooth ride except for about 50 kms when you approach Saga town. Here we cross the Brahmaputra River and drive further up. The entire stretch is dotted with beautiful mountains and we crossed a huge lake. You can see Nomads grazing cattle and it is a wonderful site. For miles you are alone with nature with hardly any vehicles on the Road.

At about 12 noon we stop at a check point for our passport check and have a small break for nature call. Again we start and have a stopover around 2 p.m for packed lunch. We reach Old Kumpa at around 4 p.m local time. It is sunny and the weather is pleasant. We are allotted a room with 5 beds and we shared with our fellow travelers. After tea we had a long walk and went round the small town. One or two monastery you can find, otherwise nothing worthwhile to note.


1) Chinese have a peculiar toilet system. They make a concrete floor with two or three holes and expect people to share the toilets. Waste is collected from the bottom/other side and used as manure. Very peculiar and difficult to use.

Travel Log Day 6 (August 16, 2013)  

Today as usual we had early morning Tea and did our morning chores. We were ready by 8 a.m eager to have our first glimpse of holy Mansarovar Lake. We got into our buses and took off. At about 12.30 p.m we reached the point where we have to leave our buses and take the buses allotted by the Chinese government. They have a nice reception centre and some of our people called their near and dear ones back home.

We had our lunch here which comprised of tamarind rice and noodles with sweets. At about 2 p.m in the afternoon we got into the Chinese hi-tech buses. This bus could accommodate all our 40 yatris. Our earlier two buses will remain here till we return from our yatra. Our first view of the holy lake was sheer excitement. We just could not control our emotions. Any number of photos could not quench our thirst for more. Some were standing in the seats and some kneeling on the floor of the bus and still others we sitting in their seats with their eyes glued to the view of the Holy Lake. Slowly we approached the Lake and we went nearer and nearer. There is a nice road all round the lake which about 90 sq.kms. My God, now we see the color of the water changing. One minute it is deep blue, another minute it is Green and now through the clouds it is changing into red color. The weather is very hot and we are blessed to be here at this point of time. When we thought the bus will never stop, the guide asked the driver to stop at a beautiful spot.

Off we went down from the bus like a bee attracted to a flower. Oh my god, is this real!!!. Through the holy lake (Dear Mother) we see Mount Kailash (Dear Father) in full view and in majestic glory. Sight to behold forever!!! Nature is very kind to us today. Quickly a tent was pitched for the ladies to change the dresses. The Guide asked us to have a quick bath with immersing in the water since you can catch a bad chest infection. The water was bitter cold, but that was the least discomfort at this point of time. Shouting Om Namah Shivaya, I jumped into the water with my wife.

We prayed to Lord Shiva and took the blessing of the Mother. We just did not want to come out of the water but the guide started shouting that all of us should get out of the water immediately. I stood in the water meditating for some time. My wife started reciting the Lalita Saharsanamam. Who wants to come out of this bliss!!! Is this real? Are we really taking bath in the Holy Lake? Still I cannot believe it. My mind became blank and simply did not wish for anything but for this moment of oneness with Shiva. Shiva’s kindness cannot be experienced better/more than this.

Reluctantly we came out of water, changed our clothes. We started collecting Murtis from the Holy Lake. We took many for distributing to friends and relatives. Murtis are stones you collect from the lake bed. My wife got one representing the shape of Mt. Kailash. I have kept it in the pooja for worship. One person in our group got a stone like the Lingam. They are smooth and nice to hold in different shapes. Also they are holy. The moment you mention that you are back from Kailash people will ask for these murthis. So collect some for distributing.

We then meditated for about an hour and overall we spent about 2 hours near the Lake. Time to get back to the bus and head for our night stay.


1) Lake Mansarovar is almost the same altitude of Old Kumpa.

2) If you want collect water, do it today. Don’t postpone it for tomorrow.

3) Collect Murtis from the lake without fail.

4) Keep the Water collecting containers ready.

5) Keep a good sealant to close the bottles tightly.

6) Keep a marker pen handy and write on the bottles HOLY MANSAROVAR LAKE WATER to avoid problem at the airport.

7) Keep the water bottle in the checked baggage and don’t attempt to hand carry them.

8) Respect the Holy Lake and don’t spit in the water.

Travel Log Day 7 (August 17, 2013) 

Today is an important day. We got up as usual and had our breakfast early in the morning. We all left to assemble near the lake for our planned Homa. All the yatris had bought some sort of pooja item or the other. We had not engaged the services of any purohit. Some of the elders in our group took the initiative and started preparing for the Homam.

First a few stones were collected and a small square formed. Then a lot of vermillion was sprinkled all around. Then the Samithe (small wood pieces from the Banyan Tree) was collected and homam started among chanting of Slokas and pouring of ghee. The whole pooja went on for about 2 hours. In the meantime arrangements were made to heat up the water and provide to the yatris for a second bath with Manasorvar Lake water.

I jumped at the idea and had a hot bath. After pooja was completed we were all given prasadam and we started going back to our lodge. After lunch, we left for Darshen, the base camp, for starting the yatra which is about 30 minutes drive from the Lake side Lodge. Today morning three ladies who were part of our group fell sick and were advised to go down. Our Travel agent (owner) also left with them and now we are under the control of the Chinese guide and Tibetan sherpas. By about 4 p.m we reached Darshen and were provided with 4 sharing accommodation.


1) Collect Holy water at the bathing place since the water near the place we conducted Homam is muddy and not very clear

2) Do not forget to take pooja items like Samithe, Camphor, vibhuthi, ghee, etc., etc., for homam

3) You can also take dry fruits in small quantity for prasadam

4) Keep the items purchased like rudraska mala, speticam mala etc in the pooja

5) Immerse the malas in the manasorvar lake to invoke the goddess

Travel Log Day 8 (August 18, 2013)

Today is the D-day. Today atlast we start our Parikrama. It is going to test of our perverance, sincerity and bhakti. And to some extent our physical fitness as well. Come let us go and see how it progresses. Last night we discussed the pros and cons, our fears, what to expect and so on and forth. We wanted to have a good rest but excitement was too much. We looked forward to the day with great anxiety. At the crack of dawn we were ready to have breakfast and see what is in store for on the first day of the parikrama We took the blessings of the elders in our group. People younger to us came and took our blessings. We all left by us to the starting point which is about 30 minutes by bus. There was an unusual silence in the bus contrary to continuous non-stop chattering earlier. Each was immersed in his own thoughts and fears.

Now there are three options for you proceed on the parikrama:

1) You hire a horse and a helper. The helper will carry you things and you can ride on the horse. They charge 2000 Yuan for this

2) You hire only a helper who will carry your things. And you walk the entire parikrama. They charge 700 Yuan for this

3) You don’t hire a helper nor the horse, but do everything on your own It is your choice.

But to get a helper or a horse later on may be difficult so the travel guide advises you to decide before one day itself. Even though we wanted to walk the entire parikrama, we hired the horse and helper as a standby. But there is a catch here. If they have shortage of helpers, then the horseman doubles as your helper. This is only for info and does not change the equation in any way.

So here we start our Parikrama. It is about 10 a.m and we wait for the horses. But till 11 a.m no horseman turns up even though they are fixed earlier. Please understand there is no essence of time here. People do everything according to their convenience and you have no choice but to flow with the tide. You can neither select the horse or the helper. It is done by draw of lots. Whoever is allotted to you will do the service. The movement you are allotted the horse, you can neither change it nor will the helper carry your extra baggage unless clearly understood before you start. Language will be a barrier here and they don’t understand what you mean. But if you gel with them early, they will give their life to protect you.

Luckily for us we a got two brothers to be our horseman and we had no issues. But be careful, otherwise you will be left with no horse at the beginning of the day and you will have to go in search of the horseman even though the Chinese guide will help but it will be unnecessary head ache for you. More on these finer points in my notes below.

Yama Dwar is your first entry for the yatra. It is small structure and you have to enter it and come out the other side. As you enter please look at the wall/roof and you will find some animal which is sacrificed for the day hanging there. Belief is who ever enters Yama Dwar loses the fear of Death. We begin our yatra from here.

We start walking without waiting for our horseman who is yet to arrive. We informed the Chinese guide that we will proceed and the let the horseman follow us. We leave our luggage behind and begin our yatra. It is a simple and gentle walk to begin with. The terrain is simple and slowly we start walking. To the left flows a beautiful stream with crystal clear water. You can simply drink from it without batting an eyelid. So clear, so pure, nature at its best. On either side of the valley ( sorry you actually are walking in a valley ) you will find tall mountains of different shapes. Your imagination can do wonders and you see what you think. So we proceed like this for about 5/6 kms and take a break for lunch.

We take our packed lunch but it is either no appetite or excitement, I don’t know what but we just cannot eat anything. Had a bottle of fruit juice and popped a few dry fruits and that is it. We are off again. The route is little elevated now, but not too difficult. The scene is picture perfect and a photographer’s delight. We take any no of photos but still our appetite is not quenched.

Suddenly we find our goal THE GREAT MOUNT KAILASH right in front of you. It is snow-capped while all the surrounding mountains are barren and dry. What a sight. You just cannot have enough of it. We bow down and pay our respects. I don’t know but at this point when I started viewing the Lord with greater intensity, my mind started playing games. Different images started to jump at me. Whatever was in my mind started appearing as images. Oh my God, what is this? I started crying uncontrollably. Time stood still. And we were immersed in our own world. It felt we could just touch the mountain with our hands. It was that close. However in reality it is at least 5 kms away if not more. Time stood still. But we have to move on. So we started but our eyes were on Lord Shiva. We walked, walked and walked and finally reached the night halt point called Tirapuk. Thankfully the weather was clear and we completed our first day parikrama.

From our Lodge we would see the Mt.Kailash clearly. We sat watching it the whole evening till night over took us.


1) Even though the agent will say that you won’t get the horse if you miss it on the first day, it is not true. Actually at the beginning of the second day you can hire a horse to cross Dolma La pass for Yuan 700.

2) If you have anything to eat, share with the horseman

3) Be friendly with your horseman

4) Meditatively walk the Parikrama

5) Believe Lord Shiva will walk with you and make you complete the parikrama

6) Chant the Lords Name as much as possible

7) Try to eat something even though you don’t have appetite. This will give you energy to walk otherwise you will feel tired and weak

8) Carry at least 2 liters of water

9) You won’t see any shops once you start walking. So take adequate water, chocolates etc.,

10) Avoid taking energy drinks like Red Bull. It will give you energy, but it contains Caffeine which is not advisable

11) The first day Parikram will be about 14 Kms which is quite comfortable

12) Practice walking before you start the Yatra

Travel Log Day 9 (August 19, 2013)

Today we start the Second Day of the Parikrama. We got up early and eagerly waited for the darshanof Mt.Kailash in the early morning sun. It is said to be golden in color. But unfortunately the Sun did not come out and it was rather cloudy. We had no other option but to continue with the Yatra. The horsemen were ready by 7 a.m and we collected our packed lunch and off we went.

Today is the toughest day. We have to walk about 24 kms. So my advice conserve your energy as much as possible. Also today we are going to go up to the highest altitude of 19,500 ft. which is about 2,000 ft. more than the Mount Everest base camp. We cross a small stream and off we proceed. There was heavy snowfall last night and a medium rain. The weather became nasty. The route is slippery and full of snow. But we proceed. Up, Up, and More high we climb. All round only Ice, Ice and nothing but Ice. Huge Mountains covered by ice is humbling experience. We struggle and start and ascent. Yaks, Horses and Men all on the same road (rather small track) cleared of ice. One wrong step, down you go.

And the Yaks are uncontrollable. They walk the track with least concern for anybody and if you happen to come in their way you will be crushed. So look out. Even Horses just jump out of their way. Many a times we had to hide in a corner or just get out of the way of the yak otherwise they will just push you out of the way.

After eight kms of hard climb we reach Dolma La Pass the highest point of the yatra. You are not allowed to stay here. The air is very thin and weather can change any time. So we had to descend immediately. To our right, we saw Gowri Kund, where it is believed that Mother has her bath to this day. If you request your Sherpa he will get the water for you from there. But is quite steep and deep. So better don’t attempt it yourself. The descend is lovely with snow and ice. You can play for some time and proceed. We went down and down for about 6 kms before we reached the plains again. Now you don’t have ice in the plains.

We stopped for lunch and started again. Now it is a straight walk for about 10 kms. But it will be never ending walk. We walked and walked. Only once did we have the east side view of Mount Kailash today. This is after we descended from Dolma La Pass. May be for 10 minutes we had a view. So look out. So after a long and fruitful day we at last reached our Mud house at about 5 p.m, a total time of 11 hours of non-stop walking. A hot cup of tea and all round cheers. We made it.

The last 6 kms it was raining and we were drenched. So we changed at a small tea shop we found on the way. By the way, our horseman was a native doctor. So he got a call somebody was not well. We went with him on a visit. In the middle of nowhere a tent was pitched with power backup. Our Doctor like a professional took out syringes, drips bottles, medicines read them properly and applied the tools in a professional way on a sick lady And for this we got a cup of hot tea from the host! And off we went. Very Humbling experience when in city we look for the best whereas in the middle of nowhere everything is possible.


1) Don’t hesitate to hire a horse if you feel you cannot climb. There is nothing wrong in it.

2) Talk as less as possible and conserve your energy.

3) Walk slowly and take adequate rest.

4) This is a marathon. So don’t try to run like a 100 mtrs race.

Travel Log Day 10 (August 20, 2013)

Today we are on cloud 9. We are almost through. Another 8 kms only. But we had a shocker in store. It was raining heavily. We thought it would stop. But no it continued. So we did the next best thing. Took out our rain coats. And with renewed energy we started to walk. Believe it or not in continuous rain and snow fall we covered the distance of 8 kms in just 3 hours. We had so much energy. The bus was waiting for us at the end of the Parirkama and we reach Darshen at about 1 pm in time for lunch.


1) Just keep one set of clothes neatly packed in plastic bag to avoid getting wet. This will be sufficient to cover the three day parikrama

2) For the entire yatra 3 sets of dress is sufficient. Just cover in plastic

3) Take a Good pair of Goggles

4) Take good sun screen lotion preferably 50 SPF

Travel Log Day 11 (August 21, 2013)

It began on a tragic note. We lost a good human being. We were ready to go down. And Mr.Palaniswami also sat in the bus. Suddenly he collapsed. In spite of best efforts of two of the doctors in another group (our group did not have a doctor) he could not be revived and we lost him. May his soul rest in peace.

For the night we stopped at Saga Town.

Travel Log Day 12 (August 22, 2013)

We decided to make it to the border and did not take a break. At 3 p.m we reached the border (they close at 4 p.m) and crossed over the Nepal.

Travel Log Day 13 (August 22, 2013)

 We spent the day in Kathmandu sightseeing and shopping.

Travel Log Day 14 (August 23, 2013)

We reached Bangalore via Delhi

LK adds: Please click on  Thirumandham Kunnu Bhagavathi's connection to Kailas-Mansarovar 

Be sure to take HER blessings before you embark on your Kailas Yatra.